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Decades of working with organizations to optimize their efforts through strategic planning, competitive benchmarking, supply chain management, value analysis/ value engineering (VA/VE) and lean manufacturing, convinced Marilynn that the human side of productivity is most crucial and most neglected.

So today, as the Chief Exploration Officer of The Success Studio, she focuses on helping individuals and organizations get from where they are to where they want to be by maximizing the human ingredient. If you're looking to make a real impact through people, you've found your solutions partner. 
Comments like this one about Marilynn's work from the General Manager of an electric company are not rare, they are the norm:

I would personally like to thank you for being our keynote speaker at our annual sales meeting.  The messages throughout your talk touched everyone of the members of our team and will definitely help us retain our future goals.

Your talk was not only very informative but entertaining as well.  After listening to all the positive comments. there is no doubt in my mind, you've been voted the best speaker of all that have addressed this function!
For nearly three decades, Marilynn and her team have worked to help clients with their current, specific and unique needs.  Through those years, she's intentionally developed several skill sets to help clients with a variety of issues.  Therefore, when you connect with Marilynn, you don't just have access to an exciting, compelling, inspiring and competent speaker; she may fill your needs by facilitatinga technical or team process, coaching an emerging leader, instructing workshops to increase workplace effectiveness or conduct an off site to get everyone on the same page or resolve a barrier-producing conflict.   When you contact Marilynn, you're connecting with a full-service resource.
promoting the art of
performance mastery


Have you noticed that today's changing trends and challenges are demanding that we rethink our approach to success?

Do you ever wonder why some people and organizations achieve more consistently than others?

Have you ever asked yourself why people reluctantly follow one leader and run to the ends of the earth for another?

How would your life be different if you were in the habit of improving yourself, daily, in an area of life that matters most to you?
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at 248.797.2844 or curt@marilynnsemonick.com
to explore how Marilynn can customize a presentation or program to meet your specific needs.

Today, our world needs leaders . . . and lots of them.
Leaders who are willing to give their personal best.
Leaders who understand that personal power is more significant than position power.
People who use their influential leadership skills from whatever position they hold. 

In today's economic reality, leading your own life and positively influencing others is critical to individual and organizational success.
Today, continuous improvement is no longer a luxury