Imagine having a team of highly experienced professionals at your
disposal to help build facilitation, instructional and/or presentation skills in your organization. 

Programs are designed as two day sessions for as little as 6 to up to 36 people. Concepts are delivered and discussed in general sessions. To practice their skills and receive personal feedback, participants divide into small groups.  When applicable video cameras are used to enhanced learning and support the feedback process.

Which Skills Need to be Improved in Your Organization?

Facilitation Skills . . .

Would you like your teams to struggle less and achieve more? Are your leaders equipped to help others collaboratively make decisions and solve problems? Who in your organization would benefit by acquiring better facilitation skills? Increase team results by helping groups of people discuss issues, make decisions and solve problems, while also assisting them in becoming more cohesive, effective and efficient at reaching jointly owned outcomes for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

Instructional Skills . . .

Who is responsible for learning in your organization?  Do your training sessions translate into results?  Would you like to increase the "stickiness" of lessons learned? Increase the skills of delivering instructional sessions based on adult learning principles, in which everything serves learning and learning serves progress. 

Presentation Skills . . .

Who in your organization would be more effective with better presentation skills?  A team of certified speaking professionals (CSPs) will help individuals increase their competence and confidence in being heard and making an impact.  Help people within your organization prepare, develop and deliver compelling presentations.
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Marilynn and her team will work with individuals in your organization to increase their facilitation, instructional or presentation skills.
What skills do you need to cultivate
today to create a strong, flexible & sustainable organization?