Every presentation and program is designed to meet your desired outcomes.

When you hire Marilynn Semonick you're guaranteed that she will do her homework.  She'll get to know your people and their challenges, concerns and issues and customize a presentation or program to meet your specific needs.

A consummate professional who is completely reliable and easy to work with.   Audiences and participants around the world have learned, laughed and grown with her in sessions of all sizes, lengths and configurations!


Keynote Presentations
Dynamic, action-oriented, content-rich and interactive presentations appropriate a wide range of occasions - convention kickoffs and closings, banquets, conferences, business meetings, spouse programs, and the list goes on . . .

Learning Seminars
Marilynn has the unique ability to hold an audience's attention for an hour, a day, or an entire week. Learning "in context" and active participation are keys to helping participants learn and apply content to increase their effectiveness once they leave the session.

Off-site meetings, allowing focus on specific work such as: collaborative planning,  team development, visioning, priority setting, role clarification, decision making ...

Management interaction, team development, coaching and organizational change are all current issues. A variety of learning materials have been created to support these activities.

Helping groups discuss issues, make decisions and solve problems, while also assisting them to become more cohesive, efficient and effective at reaching jointly owned outcomes for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

Working with individuals to increase their abilities in specific key areas that contribute to their desired success. A confidential one-on-one relationship for the purpose of improved personal effectiveness and organizational performance.

To have the undivided attention of more than 600 members for 40 minutes was a delight to share . . . educating educators may be one of the most difficult tasks for a speaker - you gave them pride and regeneration to return to the classroom with enthusiasm.
                 - Executive Director, Michigan Recreation and Park Association

I wish I had enough words thank you for all I've learned and how much our team has grown because of your knowledge, wisdom, compassion and enthusiasm for excellence.
                     - Team Leader, Ford of Australia

It is without reservation tht I share our complete satisfaction with the presentation Marilynn made to our staff . . . my staff had nothing but positive things to say . . . her skills are excellent and the content of her message was most appropriate.
                - School Principal

What a pleasure it was to meet and work with you!  Your exciting and professional delivery made learning a great experience for everyone.  Conference surveys indicate your session as a real hit. Your session did what it was suppose to - motivate and expand their minds.

                                           - VP & COO, Credit Union Executives Society

Motivational doesn't seem to say enough about your address! You were not only entertaining, but informative and thought provoking.  I have received so much praise for you as a speaker, not only form our usual business representatives, but also from spouses as well.  You did your homework, and your sense of humor and professionalism were both apparent..  Everyone in the room was personally touched by you.
Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce
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